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Madeleine Teh is a graphic designer born and based in sunny Manila, Philippines. She clarifies intentions through intuitive solutions.

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1/9 RISD Interim Brand Identity

June–August 2020 @ RISD Media Group (Professional)

I was a part of the team that developed RISD’s Interim Identity. The Interim Identity codifies pre-existing graphic design around campus and hopes to offer guidance to designers for future projects.

2/9 Fruits of Labor Oracle — Undergraduate Thesis

March–May 2020 @ RISD (School)
Branding, Illustration, Editorial, Writing, Social Media, UI/UX

Website here ︎︎︎
The Fruits of Labor Oracle is a deck of divination cards that aligns our personal afflictions with the ups and downs of a harvest, reminding us that we are always experiencing cycles.

3/9 {re}position @ RISD Museum

November 2019–January 2020 (Freelance)
Branding, Print Collateral, Social Media

{re}position is a student-led exhibit at the RISD Museum, which investigates how artists and designers of color navigate their practices in a Western institution. Curated by Namrata Dhore (B.Arch ‘21), Cherry Yang (B.Arch ‘20), and Jisu Yang (B.Arch ‘21).

4/9 Constructed in Light UI/UX

March–May 2020 @ RISD (School/Concept)

5/9 RISD GD Fall Speaker Series 2019

September–November 2019 (Freelance)
Branding, Posters, Social Media

"The goal for the Fall Speaker Series is to broaden our students' understanding of contemporary art and design and to introduce them to a variety of perspectives and practices...This series is an inclusive one and aims to feature voices who speak from historically less-visible, less-expected positions." –RISD Graphic Design Department

6/9 Tiis Ganda

September 2018
Tiis Ganda is a Filipino saying that means “too suffer for beauty” or “beauty through pain.” In this case, Tiis Ganda is the title of a publication that parallels Euro-centric Filipino beauty standards with Western criteria for graphic design. The result is a narrative that celebrates a different kind of beauty.

*all posts, videos, and images are not my own and were used for educational purposes

7/9 ZONES by Gina Osterloh

June–July 2018 @ Silverlens Galleries
Branding, Print Collateral, Editorial

Catalog here ︎︎︎
ZONES is Gina Osterloh’s exhibit at Silverlens Galleries, which features photographs of the artist’s drawings depicting the abstracted human body as a space.

8/9 Purita Chocolates

January 2019 @ RISD (School/Concept)
Branding, Packaging, Illustration
Purita is a hypothetical fair-trade and organic chocolate brand that outsources cacao beans from farms run by Filipino women. The branding evokes warmth through delicate illustrations and handcrafted details on the packaging.

9/9 So! Many! Ants! 

December 2019
Inspired by a frustrating holiday in the Philippines, So! Many! Ants! is a comic that likens relatives overstepping boundaries with ants feasting on tropical fruits.

Currently @ Silverlens Galleries
(again ︎)

Previously @ RISD Media Group ‘19, Silverlens Galleries ‘18, Campaigns & Grey ‘16, BBDO Guerrero ‘15.

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Madeleine is a graphic designer from sunny Manila, Philippines who clarifies intentions through intuitive solutions.

She creates brand identities, publications, and illustrations with special attention to color theory and systems. She also enjoys working with purposeful individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations across the cultural and lifestyle sectors.

Madeleine graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design with Honors and a minor in Art History from the Rhode Island School of Design in May 2020. She’s also an enthusiastic and organized Leo who loves matcha.

Madeleine Teh (c) 2020